Buon Giorno Cafe
As a family owned and operated business, we have tried to create Buon Giorno Cafe into a European atmosphere, combining imported specialty foods, accompanied by a feeling that you are right at home in the quaint environment of our family-run cafe. We only serve only the best imported food varieties in our "Old World" restaurant and we hope that you can not only taste it, but you will feel it as well. We believe a good dining experience is as much about the food as it is about the environment of a restaurant. *COME JOIN US FOR MYSTERY HAPPY HOUR
12 to 4pm*


Wedding soup
Turkey pesto panini
Lemon mint chicken lilinguini
Pasta champignon
Lemon caper tuna risotto
Eggplant ricotta entree 
Lemon caper tuna risotto
Sweet balsamic chicken salad
Bluecheese chicken salad
Wildberry chicken salad
Honeylime tuna salad
Lemon mint tuna salad

"Here everything is rosy."
See why Buon Giorno is Pittsburghs' cafe choice.